the wildness tonic


The name 'The Wildness Tonic' comes from a favourite quote of mine by Henry David Thoreau, "we all need the tonic of wildness". I started sharing pictures on Instagram under #thewildnesstonic and encouraging others to join me. Soon there were over 1,000 images of wildness, nature, adventure and inspiring stories of people finding calm, strength and inspiration in the wild outdoors. I wanted it to start slowly and organically growing into something more, a community of like minded souls all seeking their own cure from nature. 

How can you join in?

The Instagram Hashtag

Use #thewildnesstonic to share your images of wildness. Browse the tag (it's a tonic in itself), like, comment and follow others in the community. You'll get back what you put in, they're the best bunch. 

- browse the hashtag

Photo Walks & Meet-ups.

I run regular photo walks and creative meet-ups with The Wildness Tonic as our theme. I'm always on the hunt for wild spaces we can go (currently just in London) to get our fix of nature while I teach photography or chat with other creative adventurers.

- come along to a photo walk

The Book Club.

This idea came out of a conversation I had with Leney Breeden of @agirlnamedleney where we wanted to start a book club together. We decided to use The Wildness Tonic as our theme, choosing books with a focus on nature, re-wilding and getting outdoors.

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Images shared on Instagram that are about finding calm and strength in nature. Getting away from it all, going outside and breathing that fresh air.

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