newborn  session questionnaire

Hello! I am so excited to meet you and your family and get to capture you all at such a special, yet raw and often emotional time in your lives. I would really appreciate if you can find ten minutes to answer some questions so I can get to know you as best I can before our session. Please answer them as fully as you can, in as much detail as you feel you want or are able to. There's no need to over think it, just write what comes to mind and what makes you feel something. Your time spent answering these questions will be so worth it for our session, I promise! Should you have any questions at all prior to that time don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Name *
include this if you'd like to be tagged in sneak peek photos. Don't forget to follow me @blesstheweather and my personal account @siobhanwatts too!
Please include the ages of all your children.
Use baby's date of birth if they're already earthside.
Please feel free to be as private or as open about this with me as you want.
Are you comfortable with skin to skin shots or me capturing you breastfeeding?
My aim is always to get as real, raw and honest with my storytelling - but within the realms of what you are comfortable with, and it is different for everyone.
List your thoughts for each person below. For example, my partner is frequently in the lounge playing his guitar or you can find me on the far left of the sofa with my morning coffee and my favourite book.
It can be architectural, or something else like the light or a specific memory or feeling.
This could be ANYTHING about you, your partner, your home or your family (i.e. my partner was a hard sell about this photo shoot, ) or relationships (we are so in love with our new baby, but adjusting to being parents is a little tough). This can be lighthearted or very personal. I will use absolute discretion in our session but the more I know about your family the more meaningful your photos will be.
Do you know what you want to do with the photos from your session?
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