my story

Every portrait of another person is a self portrait
— Susan Sontag

There are little pieces of me woven into every photograph I take, therefore it's only right I tell you some things about me so you can understand exactly who it is going to be a part of the ones I take for you.   

My name is Siobhan Watts, I'm a portrait and family photographer, writer and discoverer of beauty with a promiscuous appetite for the world around me. I take pictures to catch reality off guard, to see the in-between and to capture the humanity of the moment. Emotion, movement and light all inspire my work but above it all I crave connection and a deeper meaning for everything I do. 

I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire where I am re-wilding from too many years spent in the city. We just sorta grew apart, London and I. When you are raised in the North Devon hills, it's only a matter of time before you succumb to the mossy claws of the countryside reeling you back home. Now I am trying to build a life and a home there with my family that aligns as closely as possible with my values. Slow, simple, kind and more in tune with nature. 

It has always been my dream to be a photographer, perhaps even someday to be able to call myself an artist. I lost my way for a while, somehow stuffed in that box of humans that get told they don't have what it takes to pursue a creative career. I believed that for a long time, but one day I sat down and connected all the dots. So much had changed over the years, but photography was the thread that ran through it all. No matter what I did, who I was or how I felt, I picked up a camera to make sense of it. To capture it. To hold on to it. 


In 2016 my daughter Aurora was born, and with it came an understanding of everything I was truly capable of. I saw another version of myself somewhere off in the distance, a me that could inspire my daughter to follow her dreams because that's what I had done too. I realised I couldn't teach bravery if I wasn't prepared to live bravely. So I leapt. I took something I had loved for a long time, and I figured out how to make it work. 

And now? Well, I'm still figuring out, but happily I'm two years into running my photography business alongside raising my girl. I'm a work from home mama, a challenge that overwhelms me and exhausts me daily but never fails to fill me with joy and gratitude. 

Most days you'll find me waking around 5am to steal some quiet hours to myself before my family wakes up. I try to do some yoga, and drink my coffee alone at the kitchen table before the shouts of "mama" come from upstairs. 

I really don't like wearing shoes, so I'll kick them off the first chance I get. To me, dirty feet is a sign of pretty great day. I like my food spicy, my coffee black, my boots muddy and my music with the roots still on. Dark chocolate is my weakness, 




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