my story

Every portrait of another person is a self portrait
— Susan Sontag

There are little pieces of me woven into every photograph I take, therefore it's only right I tell you some things about me so you can understand exactly who it is going to be a part of the ones I take for you.   

My name is Siobhan Watts, I'm a portrait and family photographer, writer and discoverer of beauty with a promiscuous appetite for the world around me. I take pictures to catch reality off guard, to see the in-between and to capture the humanity of the moment. Emotion, movement and light all inspire my work but above it all I crave connection and a deeper meaning for everything I do. 

I've been a photographer in some form or another since I was a child, when a camera was placed in my hands by my father at an early age. I dabbled over the years, took a camera with me everywhere and used it document my life and my family.

It was always a dream of mine to be a photographer, perhaps even someday be able to call myself an artist, but I lost my way for a while amongst all the should do's of early adulthood. Happily, I came back to photography in my late twenties when I finally found the courage to push through all the self doubt and the hard stuff that goes along with pursuing a creative career. 


In 2016 my daughter Aurora was born, and with it came and understanding of everything women are truly capable of. I saw them in a new light, the way I now saw myself, and began to be drawn to telling the stories of other women in a more powerful way than before. 

I was experiencing just how hard it was to find space for myself, pursue my dreams and run my own business alongside being a mother. I knew the determination, sacrifice, fierce love, devotion and passion that had to burn within to keep me going. I saw all of this in the other women, mothers and creatives I was meeting, when sometimes they weren't able to see it in themselves. 

Photography transformed for me in that moment, into more than a lifelong long passion, a hobby or a business. It became a calling, to love people, to understand them, to build them up, to empower them, to make them feel through the images I took and the interactions I had with them to make them feel capable of anything. That they have it within them to navigate all of the hard stuff that comes with being a mother, father or a creative human being. If I can, even in some small way, make someone feel like that through my images and words, then I've done what I came here to do.