photography mentoring

Are you a photographer, passionate enthusiast or aspiring professional? Do you love photography, but yearn to really know how to use your camera to capture those images you see in your head? Do you want to improve your technical knowledge, find your style and learn how to take pictures with more feeling and emotion? Or perhaps you’ve been an amateur for a while and you’re looking to turn your hobby into a business but don’t know where to start. How do you find clients? How do you manage a business alongside the demands of your family? How do you direct clients during a photo session? What about finances? If you need answers and guidance in some or all of these areas, then my one-to-one mentoring may be exactly the thing to help you.

Siobhan’s mentoring has been so invaluable to me. She is extremely insightful and friendly. It helped me pinpoint the key problems and questions I have with photography and gave me answers and directions to solve them in the right way. I loved the way she gave me so many tools and great advice on issues I had not necessarily thought about. And she will dig deep to be able to help you. If you are starting, or if you are ever stuck somewhere on your journey, I would strongly recommend her, she is amazing!
— Karen Hilmersson

I’ve been passionate about photography for almost all of my life, but about five years ago I decided to turn my passion into something more. I was stuck in a job I didn’t love, and on a career path that was going nowhere, so I side hustled like nobody’s business trying to learn everything I could about what it took to ‘be a photographer’. I shot weddings, head shots for actors and corporate companies, products and portraits for small businesses…just about anything anyone wanted a photographer for. I made so many mistakes, and learnt so much about what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re trying to take your photography to the next level. And now? Well, for the last two years I’ve been running a photography business alongside raising my young daughter, photographing emotive, natural lifestyle images for families, small business and creatives. It’s been a huge learning curve, but it’s extremely rewarding to be in a place where I have regular clients, a strong visual identity, a streamlined work flow and a real confidence in my work and my interaction with my clients. You can read more about my photography journey here and here. I love sharing my story and helping other photographers, small business owners and aspiring professionals take better photos, move through creative ruts, create impactful visuals for their brand or business and find fulfilment from the wonderful world of photography. It doesn’t matter if you’re a passionate amateur or a more experienced photographer looking to start a business of your own, I would love to get the chance to help you along the way.

Siobhan is brilliant! I did photography mentoring with her and it felt like such a relief to just talk to someone and not have to faff around with searching for answers the hard way. She’s so knowledgeable and kind. I feel so energised and motivated going forward. I could not recommend her services more, it was so so worth it!
— Molly Francis

Who is my one-to-one mentoring for?

My photography mentoring is for you if you love photography and taking photos, with any kind of camera, even an iPhone. It’s for you if you want to take better photos, improve your technical knowledge, explore your creativity and get more out of your photography. It’s for you if you need help with an aspect of photography that you struggle with, whether it’s technical, creative or about starting a business and attracting your first clients.

What I can help you with…

• Starting a photography business, finding clients, pricing your work, building a portfolio
• Working with clients, posing, directing and interacting on a shoot
• Preparing clients and getting the most out of a shoot
• Review of your current photography (Instagram, website, portfolio etc) and tips to improve
• Finding your style, how to shoot and edit consistently

• Understanding your camera, using manual settings and understanding exposure
• Seeing and harnessing light, how to work creatively with different kinds
• Composition, what makes a good photograph
• Editing, using Lightroom and presets, creating depth and mood with your editing
• Troubleshooting technical problems - focusing,
• Visual storytelling, how to create emotion, feeling and narrative in your images

How does it work?

Each session is a one hour video chat over Skype. We’ll go through any questions you have, as well as review your current photography and talk about ways in which you can improve. It’s an opportunity to ask me anything from technical support, creative inspiration, or tips about starting and running a brand new photography business. It’s your time to do with what you want! After we chat, you’ll receive a follow up email with some brief notes on our session, some homework to keep you going and links to anything we discussed during our call. I will also send you a recording of our call, so you can listen back to it any time you need to. Just choose your package below, book and pay online and you’ll receive an email soon after to plan a time for our call and discuss what aspects of photography you want me to help you with.

Please note: I am currently only booking sessions until 16th February 2019 when I go on maternity leave. Your mentoring call must take place before then, as my rates and mentoring packages will be changing when I return to work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

how do i know if your photography mentoring is for me?

If you’re needing guidance, advice and support in any area of your photography journey, it’s likely I will be able to help you. Please do send me an email to or a DM on Instagram with any queries if my mentoring will be helpful for you. I am always 100% honest!

when do you run your sessions?

Currently I offer my hour-long Skype sessions on a Monday and Thursday morning between 9-12am, and a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening between 8.30-9.30pm. If you live outside of the UK and in a different time zone, I do my best to be flexible and find a time that works for both of us.