52 Project / January 2017

1/52 - that post nap face and messy hair, I love it. She's often standing up when I go into get her, looking more like a little girl and less like a little baby.

2/52 - At Kew Gardens with my family, a get together for Rory's first birthday. Her and my Dad have a sweet little bond, I love seeing them together. 

3/52 - the day after her one-year round of vaccines. A little bit sore and groggy, all she wanted to do was cuddle. I came downstairs at one point and found her and Gav on the sofa like this, the sweetest moment I've ever seen.

4/52 - took her first steps this week, on Saturday 28th. She's been on the edge of walking for a while, but just needed a little more confidance. Suddenly she's walking all on her own, between our hands and the furniture. Houston, I think we have a toddler.