Puivert, 2019


For the past three years, we have been lucky enough to have spent some time in the small rural mountain village of Puivert, in the Midi-Pyrenees region of the South of France. My parents bought a property there with their retirement money, which is why we return to the same village each year. They plan to spend whole summers out there once they’re both retired (just a few weeks to go!) and we are hoping, really hoping, that one day we are able to do the same. Every time we go, we explore more of the area, get to know the markets, the best boulangeries and cafés. We visit the castles (the area is famed for its Cathar castles), swim in the lakes, walk in the forests and slowly improve our French. It’s a wonderful place to be, warm and welcoming, full of sunshine and colour. It’s a home from home for us all now, and it feels very special to have had the chance to get to know an area of France so well. I’ve loved France and the French since I was young, and used to visit Northern France most years with the twinning scheme in the village I grew up in. I’m still in contact with the family I used to stay with, and have such fond memories of them and my time spent in France.

These days, my hands are full with the two kids, Eilidh very much dependent on me all day and night, and so I don’t get nearly enough time or energy to take as many photos as I’d like to. Usually I try to go for a wander alone with my camera, a favourite thing of mine to do, but this trip I just wasn’t able to do that. We went for a walk around the village on our last morning, and that’s when I took these photos. I’m always so drawn to pointing my camera at people, but I find it much harder to point it at landscapes or objects, especially when I am distracted by my little ones. I don’t notice the little details so much, nor do I have the time to capture things the way I’d like to. It’s a goal of mine for our next trip to photograph the other towns, markets and things we see. I’m in awe of this photo essay by The Future Kept from their recent trip to France. All those textures, tones and light…stunning.