365 Project - January 2019


I decided to start a 365 project this year, capturing a photo a day in the life of our family and telling the story of this year of our lives. The year that we will add a new baby girl to the brood and I will take a step back from my work in order to give birth, nurture a newborn and steady the ship as we adjust to life as a family of four. My reasons for doing this project come mainly from a place of wanting to stay present and appreciative of this phase of our lives, to see the beauty in working less, staying home a little more and in grounding ourselves in daily rhythms and routines.

It’s a step back from work and a focus on myself that I initially felt fearful of, resentful even. I wasn’t ready to push my work to one side and go back to the demands of caring around the clock for a tiny baby, nor was I ready to relinquish the freedoms I have again now Rory is three years old. I spent a lot of time at the end of last year journalling out all these feelings, acknowledging my thoughts of resentment and fear before working my way through them and turning them into something more positive. I realised that the way I navigate this coming year is a choice, and that in these limitations I could seek opportunity. 2019 is a year where I won’t be able to give much attention to growing my business, but by taking my focus away from being a photographer for my work it leaves me space to focus again on picking up my camera for personal use. To tell my story, to capture memories for my family, to challenge myself creatively and to push myself as a photographer.

So far, I have really enjoyed doing a 365 project. I’ve taken so many photos I would never have done before, captured some really beautiful memories of my sweet girl and our last little bit of time together before her baby sister arrives. It’s been quite a challenge to remember to pull my camera out every day, take photos when I’m sleep deprived, exhausted or sick. Some days are easy, we’re hanging out at home, the light is beautiful and I can spend an hour behind the lens. Other days the weather is terrible, Rory is in a bad mood, or we’re out all day with friends and I forget all about taking photos. On the whole, I think I’ve done really well…I’m only missing four days out of 31, although I do have to admit to cheating just a little bit on some of the days! I’ve been really conscious when I’m shooting and choosing photos to not edit out the bits that aren’t perfect. A blurry photo, a messy house, piles of rubbish outside the front door…because that’s our life, mess and all, and what it looks like so much of the time. Sure there are pretty bits, and magical moments and great light, but for the most part there is dirty washing, toys everywhere and a not always co-operative three year old.