52 Project - June 2018


23/52 - this image just IS my girl. Free, strong, independent and just a little on the edge of wild. I don't usually even bring my camera out when the sun is this strong, but I'm so glad I did.


24/52 - just look at that belly button. Always fierce, my Rory Bear. Stomping through the grass at Oughtonhead Common. 


25/52 - eating ice cream in the garden, and sassing me because I asked her to look at my camera. When you're two, ice cream beats making memories.


26/52 - this summer is going too fast, but it's magic and I want to hold on. Sunny afternoons in the garden, her in the paddling pool and me reading my book. She loves that swimming costume, and is always asking to go in the water. Side note: I love this shot because it's not one I'd usually take. Pushing myself to shoot more colour and in full sun, because both things make me a little nervous.

Well, I hugely fell behind on this project again this year...and in truth that's something that makes me really sad. I know it's because life got so busy and overwhelming and stressful this past six months. A lot of that was outside of our control, with selling our flat and all the drama that came with that. It took up a lot of space. 

But also, I'm an advocate of finding space for the things you love, of choosing how you fill your time and of being protective of what matters to you the most. So I guess, being back in the swing of this project means life is in balance. Now that we've moved house (more on that soon, I promise) everything has changed immeasurably for the better. Summer is sweet with a garden to spill out into, and I'm soaking up every moment. I've picked up my camera again just for me, and that feels better than almost anything I know.