Maternity Session - Lucy


I met Lucy two years ago, when our babies were small and we were introduced by a mutual friend. A simple twist of fate that brought us together, as new mothers, navigating this raw and tricky time near enough to each other in both timing and location. And now, she's guide mother to my Rory, my confidant, my dearest friend, and my soul sister. She's the most beautiful of humans, inside and out. That wonderful and rare combination of vulnerable and emotional, soft and gentle but strong as they come. Some are fooled by her softness, I'm sure. But not me. I see every bit of her power. 

These photographs say a lot about our friendship, about our closeness and trust in one another. About how we hold a space for each other to be vulnerable and emotional, without judgement and with wide open arms of love and support. It's not the kind of friendship that comes around every day, and certainly not the kind of one I was expecting to find in my thirties. Life as we know it is shifting for us both just now, and our days of lazy breakfasts at each others houses, adventures around the city and belly-laughs in the park while our kiddos play are coming to an end. Lucy's second baby is due in the coming weeks, and in just a few months she moves to Thailand with her family. My changes, while much less uprooting and exotic, involve a new house outside of the city, finding a new community and a new way of life with more space, more fresh air and hopefully more time to enjoy all the good things, 

We are both excited for these changes, accepting that life moves on and there is no growth without change. But part of each of us is mourning the end of these past two years of friendship between us and our children. We have all grown so close, and having each other nearby has been a source of much happiness, support and comfort for us. Boy, I'm so lucky to have had her in my life for this short time and I'm so excited for what the next chapter holds for us both and our families. This baby is due any day now, and I can't wait. Then imma spam you with the newborn photos.