Rebecca Desnos - South London / maker portrait session


If there ever was a session that ticked all the boxes of who and what I love to photograph, Rebecca's shoot would be it. She's an earth conscious mama with a kind, open heart who makes the most beautifully dyed materials using things she finds in nature. Her passion and commitment to her craft are so inspiring to me, as is her light and airy studio that is as much of a feast for the eye as it looks in these photographs. 


It's such a pleasure to work with someone with an understanding of colour and visuals, it makes my job easy...more than that, it makes it a total delight. I have so much love and respect for Rebecca, for the work that she does and for how she keeps going with what she loves to do despite the demands of two young children. I know from experience that it's not easy to carve out time for yourself, to keep doing and learning and growing when you're tired and stretched too thin. But I also know from experience that if you can manage to keep yourself amongst the being a mama, partner, cook, cleaner and all those other things, the rewards you reap will be great. 


It was so wonderful to spend time in Rebecca's company, in her beautiful studio and to feel like we were a creative team. I always enjoy my work the most when it feels like a collaborative effort, we bounce ideas off each other, inspire each other and teach each other. It's a blessing, this job of mine, and on shoots like this it feels like that more than ever.


You can find out more about Rebecca's work on her website, but it's on Instagram she's most active, cultivating a community around all she loves to do. She self publishes a magazine Plants are Magic which you can buy from her website. It's a favourite in our household. 

If you're a maker or a creative entrepreneur and would like to find out more about working with me on a lifestyle portrait or studio session, I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email: and we can chat some more.