52 Project - February 2018


5/52 - Reading with her dada, in a little pocket of light streaming in through an open shutter. I saw this picture in my mind, and ran to get my camera, hoping this would be the result. 

IMG_0077 copy.jpg

6/52 - Having a babycino at Vauxhall City Farm, a favourite place for us to hang out on a Sunday morning. It's not unusual for her to wake up asking "Rory see Paca" because she loves all the animals so much. 

IMG_0027 copy.jpg

7/52 - A very tired toddler, after waking early and not taking her midday nap. We were at her bestie River's birthday party, and they were having far too much fun to sleep. 

IMG_0208 copy.jpg

8/52 - is there anything better than a snow day? All our plans got cancelled, and we went out for a walk through the park to get a coffee and play in the snow. I had to bribe her with a cookie and kneel on the snow for ten minutes to get this shot, asking her to walk back and forwards through the bushes until I got something I could use. 

I'm so happy I am back on track with this project, it's so easy to forget to pick up my camera or to make excuses about why I can't photograph her that week. I firmly believe that it's the things we do everyday that make up our lives, bring us joy and fill up our hearts. 

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