Autumn walks


Autumn is my very favourite time of year. The change in colours, the shift in temperature, the quality of the light and the way everything smells. I always have a dream of how our season will look; all nature walks, crafts at the kitchen table, pumpkin soup , cinnamon rolls and mugs of hot chocolate drunk while sitting on blankets in the park. But every year most of it seems to pass me by in a haze of work and life and days all blending into one. Before I know it, it’s Winter and I’ve missed it. Missed my chance to make the most of the sweetest months of the year.

There’s a trick, I think, to making the most of your time. You have to put your priorities and all the fun stuff at the top of your list, or life just takes over. I mean, that’s no secret, we all know it’s the truth yet most of us just carry on letting the daily to-do’s take over without ever really grabbing hold of what we truly want. To live a life that feels and looks exactly how you imagine it to be takes planning and effort, it doesn’t just happen. Well, not for us anyway. My daily life can so easily look like sweeping the kitchen floor, wiping porridge off the dog for the hundredth time, or hours lost in front of the computer or the worst of them all…mindlessly scrolling my phone in a zombie state. Time passes you by with nothing but fuzzy vision and a feeling of inadequacy to show for it. I love you, Instagram, but too much time looking through a window into other people’s lives does nothing good for my soul.

Making time to get outside, to do nothing but just be outdoors. To walk without purpose, to notice what’s around you and to watch the seasons change. It’s my favourite thing and something I never regret making space in my day for. If I’m honest, I can’t really think of a better use of my time. I love watching Rory explore, basket in hand, scruffy blonde curls and a dirty face.

It’s my happy place, out in the wild with my girl.