52 Project - January 2018

IMG_0195 copy.jpg

1/52: Eating her porridge by the window. She loves to look outside and watch people go by, and I love to get a little pocket of light on her face so I can photograph her. Those little hands, the curls in her hair...

IMG_0201-2 copy.jpg

2/52: Wiping the condensation off the window. The mornings are getting lighter, and I am savouring these slow, dark starts to our days. 

IMG_0037 copy.jpg

3/52: A little phase of jumping into bed in our guest room, and reading all the magazines. She made me do the same, and I was only too happy to oblige. 

IMG_0117 copy.jpg

4/52: A slow Saturday morning before we had a bath together. I saw her standing next to the bath, so I ran and grabbed my camera in the hope I could get a shot like this one. 

I let this project slip a little towards the second half of last year, and I feel sad about that. I wanted to make Rory a book for each year of her life, with a photo each week so she can watch herself grow and change. It's a wonderful challenge for me as a photographer too, trying to capture something different about her each week to make up a rounded project. It reminds me to pick up my camera more, capture the everyday and the things which don't always seem special in the moment but are always special when you are reminded of them after the fact. 

We are in a state of such change, just now, I have been over looking a lot about what makes our daily life and time together special. It won't be like this forever, me and my girl. It doesn't matter that our home isn't perfect, nor the light, not what we are wearing or doing. All that matters is that we are us, and that we are together.