Made by hand: a simple macrame plant hanger

I have been meaning to give macrame a go for so long now, and I'm often admiring creations shared by the macrame makers of Instagram. Sara of Find Your Fiber is my current favourite, she's a mama too and recently quit her day job to pursue a her fiber dreams. I've been told by many people how easy it is to make your own Macrame hangers and wall art, but it's taken me until now to give it a go myself. Fiber arts are my favourite kind of crafts, I love knitting and making things out of yarn for our home. And anything that combines my love of yarn and plants, well it's got to be a winner.

Life is pretty full just now, as we're selling our flat and trying to find somewhere else to live that's better for us as a family. A bit more space, a garden, our own front door and ideally a shorter commute to work for Gav. It all has the potential to get a little stressful, so I'm keeping busy and distracting myself with as many things as possible. I'm determined to maintain an air of calm throughout the rest of the year, so as soon as I feel the tension rising I pull out a new book, get stuck into the kitchen or pull out a project I'm working on to keep my hands and mind occupied. And so, one evening last week when I could feel my mind start to whir, I finally opened up the macrame plant hanger kit I had bought a few months previous. It only took me a couple of evenings to make the hanger, and once I'd cut all the lengths of cord ready to start work, it didn't take me more than a few hours to complete it. The longest part of the process for me was prepping the cord and trying not to get it all tangled. Although macrame looks a little complicated, it's actually a pretty straightforward series of simple knots which make up all the intricate looking patterns and spirals. I found it so meditative and relaxing, and the finsihed plant hanger is one of my favourite things I've ever made. It's hung in my attic bathroom, and gives the room such a great boho Jungalow kinda vibe. I love it.  

I'm already working on my next one, but designing the pattern myself this time (it's so easy to do) and going for one a bit smaller so I can hang a String of Hearts plant in it. I'm eyeing up a few books so I can learn more knots and patterns, make more plant hangers, wall hangings and other things for our new home. I know this house buying process is going to be a slow one, so I'm staying positive and filling my world with yarn and plants to keep me right. And so far, it's working out great.  

If you're interested in making a Macrame plant hanger of your own, the kit I bought was this DIY Macrame Kit from Airedale Yarns on Etsy, and it came with everything I needed to make the plant hanger shown in these photos. It's really easy to do, the instructions are simple to follow and the end result is so delicious and chunky. You'll be hooked like me, I'm sure, and want to make a whole family of them for your home.