The Wildness Tonic - August Favourites

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I started the hashtag #thewildnesstonic back in February this year while staying in Northumberland. Spending time in nature is always something that brings me calm, and cures any ailments I have from the routines of daily life, work and motherhood. The name 'The Wildness Tonic' comes from a favourite quote of mine by Henry David Thoreau, "we all need the tonic of wildness", and I thought it would be the perfect hashtag to encourage others to share images of their time spent outdoors. You can read more about it here. I often choose my favourites from the hashtag to share on Instagram Stories, but I've been meaning to take it a step further and share them on here too. I hope in the not too distant future to be collaborating with some artists, makers and brands that I love to bring you some prizes for the best image as well. So look out for that coming very soon! 

After scrolling through all of the beautiful images on the tag this month (and there were so many) I chose this tranquil, golden image from @hannahgabriellemore as my favourite. It so perfectly captured the mood of August, those late evening and late summer vibes wandering through the wheat fields. I especially loved the accompanying Oscar Wilde quote "with freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?" 

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And here are my nine favourites, taking each row from left to right: @helena.moore /  @oakandclaw / @helena.moore / @saraheallberrey / @_erudluin_ / @tatianaworek / @fieldandnest / @ellacbee / @harrietandthebees 

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It was so hard to choose just one winner and another nine favoruites, I started off with twice that! I tried not to overthink it, and just go with images that really caught my eye, from the composition to the tones and the use of light. I also particularly liked to read the captions, as I feel like the winning image should always give a sense of what the tag is about. That finding calm, restoration and peace from being one with the outdoors.

Do click through and have a look at all these beautiful accounts, there are some of my favourites in there and I'm sure you'll discover something to inspire you. Thank you all so much for sharing your images on #thewildnesstonic I find endless insipiration in them each day. Please do keep sharing and tagging, I so love to see them and I know so mnay others who do too.