52 Project - April & May 2017

14/52 - Few things make her happier than when Gav gets home early enough to bath her and put her to bed. She kicks those little legs and grins from the pit of her stomach. 


15/52 - sharing blueberries with Lily. Me and her mama have been friends for twenty years, it's pretty cool to see our kids together.


16/52 - starting to get the hang of feeding herself with a spoon, while managing to keep some of the food on the spoon before it reaches her mouth. 

17/52 - morning hangs in Dulwich Park with River, her Bestie. This pretty much sums them up, River looking adoringly at Rory while she does ridiculous things. These two are my favourite.

18/52 - Exploring the cow parsley at Morden Hall Park. Girl loves to be outside, preferably barefoot and running. Just like her mama.

19/52 - she's so proud of herself for eating off a spoon without any help. 

20/52 - She rarely ever sleeps in our bed these days or takes naps with us, even though we're often trying to encourage her. She loves her bed so much, she just likes to be left alone to sleep. This particular morning she woke at 4am, then passed out on my chest after some milk on the sofa at 8am. I carried her up to bed to put her beside a sleeping Gav.

21/52 - having the time of her life in the paddling pool in our local Park, watching her cousin splashing about. I felt like I was shooting this blind, the sun glaring off my screen, and magically it turned out like this.