52 Project / February 2017

5/52 - Having a ball on the swings in the playpark at Spittal Beach, just outside Gav's parents' guest house. I can't believe how much bigger she'll be next time we come here, running around all by herself. 

6/52 - I was running away from the waves, shrieking and pretending my feet were getting wet. Rory thought it was hilarious. The things you do to make your kid laugh, because it's all you want to hear. Over and over again.

7/52 - Shredded wheat and raisins, an early morning favourite. She's my daily breakfast companion. allbeit a noisy, demanding and messy one. I do treasure these times, just Rory and I, doing our thing.

8/52 - We bought Rory her first shoes this week, and took her to the Horniman Museum to walk around the gardens and the aquarium. It was so much fun for all of us, and walking hand in hand with my girl...well, I can't think of anything I'd rather do.

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