Make your own herbal bath scrub

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It's crazy to think that all those fancy beauty products you see out there, full of wonderful natural ingredients that smell amazing but cost and absolute bomb, can be made at home in your kitchen for just a few pounds. And instead of just getting one little tub for that, you can make a whole stash for your cupboard ready to gift out whenever you need. I find the process of making anything with my hands so rewarding, and I think people really appreciate your efforts when you put time and love into something for them. 

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 I've written quite a bit so far this month about my efforts to be more mindful this Christmas, paying attention to what I buy, the companies I support and the waste we produce. It really doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to go an alternative route, and make a few things yourself that you can give to friends and family to show that you appreciate them. Last week I shared a recipe for homemade cocoa and orange bliss balls, and some inspiration to create your own wooden photo calendar


This herbal bath scrub is so simple to make, and it will fill your kitchen with wonderful smells. I love feeling like a modern day alchemist, grinding, blending and mixing up the ingredients before dividing the mixture up into little glass jars and labelling them. Knowing I'm making something that's free from animal testing and nasty chemicals, made by hand in my own kitchen, is wonderful. It makes me want to delve deeper into learning about different herbs, what they do and how to grow them. Imagine making your own beauty products with herbs you've grown in your garden and dried yourself? 


Sadly I don't have a garden right now, so I ordered my supplies from Aromantic, apart from the peppermint leaves which are just dried leaves used for tea that you can find in any health food store or online. The downside of this is that all the herbs come wrapped in plastic bags, which I understand is necessary for freshness, but it's a shame to have the extra waste when you're trying to make something that is zero waste. As always, we can do better at finding alternatives and producing more ourselves from scratch. Hence dreams for my own medicinal herb garden!


Herbal body scrub

200g rolled oats
75g almonds
2 tbsp dried lavender
1 tbsp dried peppermint
1 tbsp dried comfrey leaf
60g cosmetic clay

1. In separate batches, grind the oats, almonds and herbs in a blender.
2. Mix all three batches together until they are well blended.
3. Add in the cosmetic clay and mix well. Pour into jars of your choice (I love these clip top Kilner jars) and store in a cool, dry place. 
4. To use, take a teaspoon sized amount of the scrub and mix with enough water to form a paste before rubbing on your body.


This recipe makes enough for four small clip top Kilner jars. I've made a few batches this year, and have a cupboard full of jars ready to give as gifts. I like to add a little piece of raffia tied in a bow, and a hand-written label with some instructions on how to use it.

I hope you've enjoyed this recipe, and that you'll have a go at making your own this year for yourself or to give away. It makes your kitchen smell great, and is such a treat at bath time. Homemade beauty products with no nasties in, made in just ten minutes. 

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