A Holiday Playlist

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You can listen to the playlist here.

My absolute favourite thing about the slipping away of Autumn into Winter is how the atmosphere changes. The light, the sounds, the smells...more than any season I think it's an abrupt transition, as soon as daylight savings hit we are plunged into more darkness and everything just feels like Winter. I reach for light and comfort, anything that gets me through the shorter days. 

I've been working on this playlist for a few years, but it's only now that I'm happy enough with it to share. I am a total perfectionist when it comes to playlists, because I grew up in an era where making mixtapes was an art form. You paid attention to how each song finished and the next one began, taking your listener on an emotional journey while also showing off just how good and eclectic your taste was. It could make a break a friendship, or a relationship. With the right mixtape, you could go far. Have you seen High Fidelity? That bit where John Cusack talks about making mixtapes...yeah.

I love Christmas songs, but I don't love the ones I've heard a hundred times. They just remind me of all the commercialisation of this time of year that makes me want to have no part in it. I've tried hard to make a playlist that will make you feel like Christmas, but that is full of the unconventional while remaining strangely familiar. I've steered away from the cheesy, the over played, and stuck to creating a vibe. There's some that you'll know, and some that perhaps you won't.

This playlist is designed to go with your morning coffee, over candlelight and cedar wood smells from your oil burner. It's designed to soundtrack festive family craft days, baking gingerbread biscuits and stamping potato stars on wrapping paper. It's designed to accompany your evening meals, party drinks, or slow evenings in front of a fire with your beloved. Whatever you're doing this Christmas, this is the playlist for you. It's on religiously in our house for the whole of December, we love it and I hope you will too.

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