A trip to Kew Gardens

We managed to get most of my family together on Sunday for a day trip to Kew Gardens, not an easy feat as we are scattered all over the place at the moment. My parents, Gav's mum, my brother, my neice, a long-time family friend of my family's plus my little crew somehow managed to negotiate London traffic and various day trip set backs to get to Kew just in time for lunch. My favourite way to start any kind of adventure!  We stuck to the two main greenhouses at Kew for this visit - the Palm House and the Princess of Wales Conservatory - as it was pretty grey and drizzly out. No complaint there from me on either count, I love shooting on moody weather days and the greenhouses were exactly what I wanted to see. 

It's funny how out of my comfort zone it is photographing the huge conservatories and all the plants. I'm so used to shooting people that I know all my settings and angles without needing to think too much. I find it so much easier to make people look interesting in photographs, but interiors and things that don't move is much more of a challenge. It reminded me how important it is to always try new things and work all those creative muscles that get lazy when you don't use them. Look for patterns and textures and shoot at different apertures and angles. I really loved it, but I think I felt quite unsure of the images I was taking and so I didn't take nearly as many as I would have liked to of the inside of the conservatories. I'd happily have spent an entire day there taking pictures, there's just so much to see. 

Our day trip has got me really excited to make a list of all the places in London I'd like to go and take pictures (oh, and have family time too!) and share them with you here. I've been a bit lazy in recent years about really soaking up what the city has to offer, and now we are looking at possibly our last full year of living here I think we really need to get working through that list. Kew Garden's was just about the best place we could have gone to start off the year. It's cheaper off season too, half price I think for January at just £8 a ticket and so much quieter than if you went during the holidays. Even better on a drizzly day I think, just bring your raincoat and hide out in the greenhouses when you need to dry off.