Photoshoot: Megan, Jason and Poppy

I've heard other photographers say this before, but it's really something special when someone hires you because they love your work and have decided that you are the photographer for them. They trust you, they want your style, your eye and your heart. Perhaps they've followed you for a while on social media, so they know a little about you and they feel an affinity with you and the way you think. They aren't just looking for someone to take their picture. They didn't get a recommendation, and quite possibly they wouldn't ever have hired a photographer if they hadn't seen your work. It's really the best, because you feel trusted. There's no disconnect between what you, the photographer, wants to shoot and what they, the client, wants to see. I know I'm not alone in struggling with that as a photographer, because on one hand you have to keep your clients happy whilst also having the freedom yourself to be creative and do what you do best. It's something I work on every day, trying to do the work I feel called to do but that also attracts clients to me who just get it. They want me to tag along, to be immersed in their morning or their day out and capture what I see, rather than forcing a series of poses that for me doesn't go anywhere near preserving the essence of a family or each person within it. As a mother, I know how quickly each stage of childhood is passing and how different each of those stages look. It's not just about the size or appearance of your children, it's about their expressions, their funny little ways, their opinions, their emotions...even the kind of snacks you have to carry. It all changes. 

On Sunday morning in January, I took a train to the Surrey countryside to meet Megan and her family at their home. I've admired Megan's work for a while, after seeing it on Instagram and the brush lettering classes she taught at West Elm and Quill London. It's always so exciting to get an email about a photoshoot from another creative person who's work I love. We shot indoors for a little while, playing games and reading books, before heading out in the car to a local spot for a walk. They're my favourite kind of shoots, where I get to tag along with a family and capture them going about their day. And if we get to go outdoors, that's even better. We were lucky to miss out on the rain during our walk, but as it had rained the night before we got plenty of puddles and muddy boots and those wonderful overcast skies that make the light so damn good. 


I have so many more photos from this session I could have shared with you, it was so hard to choose my favourites of this wonderful family. Their little girl, Poppy, totally stole my heart and reminded me a lot of my Rory. She was so sweet, funny and friendly. Shoots and clients like this remind me why I do what I do, and why I love my job so much. 

If you'd like to book family session of your own, I'd love to hear from you. It really is as easy as just letting me come hang out with you during a slow morning at home, on a walk in the park or on a trip to your favourite place. Send me an email: and let's chat some more.

Siobhan Watts