52 project - December 2016

48/52 - I was a bit hesitant to put up a Christmas tree with an almost-toddler around, but I went with the smallish fake one we keep in the attic to see what would happen. Within a week there were no decorations on the bottom half, the lights were all askew and she had tried to tip it over or drag it along the floor by the base. It was a pretty sorry looking tree by the time December 25th came around. 

49/52 - Her favourite game is to take all of the clothes off of the rack and spread them all over the room. Helpful when they're dry, not so much when they're wet and just been hung up. She likes to do the same thing when you've put all the clothes in the washing machine too. 

50/52 - Eating her lunch bathed in the winter sunshine that streams through our windows at this time of year. I thought the light was so wonderful that I grabbed my camera to take a few shots. Loves her food, that gal.

51/52 - My talented friend Rebecca Caridad was over from America and I hired her to shoot a family session for us. I'm so glad I did, because to have these precious photos of the three of us is something I will treasure forever. Rory was so interested in the camera!

52/52 - Opening presents on her first ever Christmas Day. Mostly interested in her old toys, or the wrapping paper. of course. We didn't get her much because we like to keep it simple, but she got a handmade play teepee from my parents, a wooden walker from Gav's parents and some books and PJs from us. 

I can't believe that's a whole year of weekly photos of Rory. I missed a few here and there over the summer when we had building work going on, but all in all I kept it up. It's been such a great thing to have, and I think I'll keep it going this year too. I might make it into a book or album, it would be so special to have one for each year to look back on as she grows up.