bless the weather


Hello, and welcome. I'm so glad that you're here.

My name is Siobhan Watts. I'm the unquiet mind and restless body behind Bless the Weather, which is both my journal, my portfolio, my philosophy of living and my creative venture. To me, blessing the weather means to embrace all seasons of your life and work, to be grateful for what you have and where you are no matter if the sun is shining or if it's pouring down with rain. There are lessons, beauty and a joyful life to be found throughout it all.

I am a photographer, a writer, a lover of humans and emotions and of bringing those things out as honestly as possible through my words and photographs. My daughter Rory is the funniest person I know, she teaches me more about myself and the world than I fear I will ever be able to teach her. I can walk on my hands, play the banjo and make you the best dang lemon drizzle cake you've ever had. I'm most definitely not a minimalist, but I try to live my life with less, slow down and be mindful of how I use my time. I like my food spicy, my boots muddy, my coffee black and my music with the roots still on. 

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