Hi there...I'm Siobhan. 

I'm a freelance lifestyle/documentary photographer, writer and knitting teacher living in South London with my one year old girl Rory, my partner Gavin and my disobedient Tibetan Terrier Elkie.

After a year of maternity leave in 2016, I left my day job to go freelance and build a business where I could blend work and raising my family as best as possible. I'm figuring it out as I go along, enjoying the many challenges that being a freelance working parent presents. 

I've been hooked on photography ever since my Dad first showed me a camera. From then on I felt the drive to document my life, creating photo scrapbooks of every family holiday where I'd tell our story through my pictures. It seems so fitting that more than two decades later I'm making a living as a photographer and a writer. My ten year old self would be proud.

Knitting came into my life more recently, this time taught to me by my Mum when I was at university. I was hooked again. Hooked on the endless combinations of yarns, patterns and colours, the simplicity and slowness of making things with my hands. I've dabbled over the years with making things to sell or creating patterns, but it's in sharing my knowledge of this craft with others that I've really found my happy place.

I spent most of my twenties believing I wasn't a creative person, I tried and tried but never felt like I was good enough. I was the music promoter, the venue manager, the tour booker, the arts administrator who worked behind the scenes. But I kept going, I pushed through the self doubts, consumed things that inspired me, learnt new things, took steps out of my comfort zone and then one day it all fell into place. And now I'm so blessed to be doing everything I love and to be doing it for a job. I feel like I've come home, like I'm right where I've always meant to be.


Why Bless the Weather?

I've often felt like I should use my name for my business and blog, as most other photographers do. But I don't think my name has a sweet enough sound for that. Bless the Weather to me means about seeing as much beauty in the rain as you do in the sun. Enjoying the seasons, accepting life's ebbs and flows, ups and downs. It's also the title of one of my favourite songs.

What camera equipment do you use?

I keep it pretty simple and shoot with my trusty Canon 5d mark ii and my 35mm 1.4 Canon lens. No flash, always natural light.

How do you edit your images?

I edit everything in Lightroom with VSCO presets. Usually film pack 01.

Do you travel for photoshoots?

If I can work logistics around childcare, then yes! In fact if you book me for a shoot where I get to travel, you might just become my best friend.

Can you recommend some places to go in London?

I'm working on writing some more posts about my favourite places to visit in the city, check my 'travel' tag to find them. 


Rain Cloud and Sage - Creative chat with Siobhan Watts of Bless the Weather